Seacoast Analytical Services Mission

Our Mission

To educate and bring awareness to the importance of drinking water quality. We will walk our clients through the sampling process, report the data in an easy to interpret report, and answer any follow-up questions.

Our Why

Water is a basic necessity of life, and we believe everyone deserves healthy drinking water. New Hampshire is known for having one of the highest rates of bladder cancer in the country due in part to concentrations of arsenic in drinking water in the area. Many water contaminants, like arsenic, have no smell or taste and are extremely toxic. As a result, you wouldn’t even know it was there without testing for it.

Seacoast started its water testing journey in a local Durham, New Hampshire home in the 1980’s and has since grown into the lab New Englanders know and trust today. We make water testing easy and accessible for our clients because we care about preserving the health and wellbeing of our New England families.

Seacoast Analytical Services

Our Team

Our long term team members have been in the laboratory industry since we obtained our degrees. The primary staff members are all local graduates of UNH Biology or Chemistry Departments. Many of us started our careers in larger, multi-disciplinary labs, but found our way to our niche drinking water and radon lab. We are vested in helping our local communities and personal interactions with each client to see the results through.

Seacoast Analytical

Seacoast Analytical

Seacoast Analytical