Water Analysis

There are aesthetic issues with some well water that we can clearly see, but many harmful contaminants are undetectable to our senses. The only way to know what is in the water you are drinking is to test it. We offer different packages to fit your needs so that you can feel confident in the water you are consuming.

All treatment needs to be monitored, especially Arsenic treatments. Reach out to us to get details on our Arsenic Monitoring Program. Let us do all the planning to ensure your treatment is working to its highest potential.

Water Analysis

Radon Water

There are some risks associated with ingesting high levels of radon in drinking water. However, it is more of a concern to what is contributed to your air levels. Radon gas can come in via your water supply and gets released through your water usage, specifically your showers, dishwashers, laundry, etc. When considering treatment for radon gas in a home, you should determine what is directly entering through your foundation as well as levels that your water may be contributing.

Radon Air Analysis

Radon gas can be very prevalent in New England and enter your home directly through your foundation. We breathe the air 100% of the time that we spend in our homes and unfortunately many houses in New England exceed the National guidelines for radon gas. The only way to determine your radon levels is to test it. We provide you with the kits and instruction to deploy them in your home.

Radon Air